Quarry Ridge Golf Course Policies and Procedures

Golf Course is Closed for 2020 Golf Season

Click Here to Email John Lucas 

Golf Shop is Open

Everyone must wear a mask in the golf shop and using the Restrooms.

Please check our Restaurant page for Hours of Operation-
Gazebo will be open Monday-Friday 10:00am-3:00pm based on play.

Call 860-342-1399 for all orders- 
 We are currently allowing everyone to choose if they want to ride
one person to a cart or two people to a cart with masks.
If you require a single use cart, There may be an additional charge.
This may be changing any day.
Check back for updates

Tee Times are required- If you do not have a Tee Time you may be turned away
15 Minute Tee Times- If you are playing outside of Weekend Tournaments you must call the golf shop or email John Lucas -qrgolfpro@gmail.com for your times-

   ** Maintain social distance of at least 6 feet at all times over the entire property including parking and practice green
   ** Respect of social distancing applies not only to fellow players but also to golf course employees
     ** Restaurant facilities will open 6/20/20 - gazebo open on a day to day basis from 10:00am- 3:pm
Call 860-342-1399 to Order
   ** No Cart Attendents- Players handle only their own equipment and should not pick up discarded items such as used tees or stray golf balls
   ** Sanitation of golf carts after use
   ** Ball washers, rakes, benches, water coolers, and other commonly handled items on the golf course have been removed. 
   ** Stakes marking penalty areas should not be touched
   ** Starting time intervals will be 12 minutes, players waiting to play should not congregate, maintain social distancing at all times
**Absolutely No Tailgating in the Parking Lot Following or Before Play-
You Must Observe Social Distancing from each other or you will be asked to leave.

   ** At This Time Quarry Ridge will allow shotgun starts based on availability.
 ** If you do not feel well - stay home!